Sentient House provides software and hardware for house monitoring and control systems. Everything you'll need to turn your house into a sentient entity, capable of really looking after you the way the house of today should take care of its occupants.

We specialize in smart appliances, such as personal video recorders, 1-Wire monitoring networks, and X-10 controls. With our hardware and software, your smart house can record all your favorite TV shows, download vodcasts, capture audio and video streams, and manage your DVD collection so that all of them can be easily played or viewed, and shared, on all of your computers and TVs. The house can use the 1-Wire sensor network to monitor the temperature, weather, state of your appliances and many other things, applying the information gathered to control the environment. We can even show you how your house can water the plants for you.

Sentient House can supply the components for your system, design, build and install a complete system or provide you with the software to tie it all together. Whatever your needs, we can help.

If you'd like to see some examples of what is possible, click on the Environment menu item for a snapshot of what's going on at Sentient House this minute. invisible